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eBay becomes a source for local business memories

Many thanks to longtime reader Larry Good, who last week shared with me links to several eBay items for sale – matchbooks and other memorabilia depicting former York County businesses. I do occasionally watch some eBay auctions for York “stuff,” but I’m not a super-frequent purchaser.

That said, why not get the info while it’s available, and start seeking memories, right?! I’m linking to the sales in some cases, more so you can see the image than that I think you’d want to purchase! 🙂 I can’t promise how long the items will be available, though, so check them out while you can, and my apologies in advance if any of the links have stopped working.

Either way, what memories can you add of the following businesses? Leave a comment!

The Town Tavern, 36 N. George St., York. It lists itself as selling, among other things, “chicken, turkey, steak, chop suey.” “One of the two places in York for Chinese,” Larry said about this one. He added that if the cook at the Dutch Kitchen was, let’s just say, indisposed, this was your only other option. (See the matchbook here.)

The Pine Tree Inn, 2500 W. Market St. “Full course dinners, luncheon platters, parties and banquets,” the matchbook proclaims. (See the matchbook here and an earlier Only in York County post on memories of the Pine Tree Inn here.)

The York Valley Inn, U.S. Route 30 East. “A complete resort hotel,” says the matchbook. Larry said it was the best motel stop in the county in those days. (See the matchbook here.)

Queen Hotel/Cafe, 200 S. Queen St., York. “Home cooking that will please you,” according to the matchbook. Larry said this was a great place for Italian in its day. (See the matchbook here.)

Dinner Bell Restaurant, Queen and Princess streets, York. “Howard ‘Hap’ Miller, proprietor,” says the matchbook. “Dinners and light lunches.” (See the matchbook here.)

Schwenk’s Newsstand, 47 1/2 W. Market St. and 14 N. George St., York. (See the matchbook here.)

Morris Drug Co., York. “Wholesale druggists.” The item Larry found was a label for a bottle of imitation vanilla flavoring made by Morris. Larry remembered that drug store as “a great place to get a vanilla Coke while waiting on the bus.” (See the label here and an earlier Only in York County post on Morris Drug memories here.)

Ramona Sandwich Shop, 19 N. George St., York. “State-Wide Popularity,” the matchbook boasts. Larry had another reason for remembering the Ramona… “I had a terrible moment in here about age 6. I told my mom I was big enough to cut my own hot roast beef sandwich and it went flying off the table and on the floor.” Oops, but it sounds like something I’d do! (See the matchbook here.)

JR’s Cut Rate Fountain Service, Prospect and Norway streets, York. “Here’s a place not too many will remember,” Larry says.

Moser’s Restaurant, 1251 W. King St., West York. “For people who are fussy about their food” and “Restaurant of distinction,” according to the matchbook. Larry described as the place to eat in the west end, with a lunch counter and a dining room. (See the matchbook here.)

Henry’s Home Made Candies, Central Market, York. Larry said he remembers this market stand. (See the matchbook here.)

Ye Olde York Inn, 2805 E. Market St. Run by Buddy and Mary Arcuri, according to the matchbook. “Cocktail bar and sea foods,” it proclaims. (See the matchbook here.)

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