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Eating at Ernie’s, and memories of The Flamingo

Had a letter not too long ago from Yvonne Leiphart of West Manchester Township. Yvonne was kind enough to write in regarding several topics, including restaurants of the past in York County.

She says, “I wonder if you have in your directory one of my favorite restaurants of all time, ‘The Flamingo’ on Belmont St.” Well, I didn’t, but I do now! Thanks, Yvonne!

She also adds, “I have only one more thing concerning Don Strausbaugh’s inquiry about Ernie’s. I don’t remember an Ernie’s restaruant. But ‘Ernie’ McCall had the North Pole Drive in (corner of Whiteford Road and Sherman St.) where you could get sundaes.” We’d talked about that one in a post last month.

But Yvonne has another Ernie to mention. She continues, “Also ‘Ernie’ Rhodes had the Trail Coffee Shop on South George Street where I know you could get ice cream sundaes because I made my share of them as a waitress in the ’50s.”
Wow, that’s another addition to my list. Thanks, Yvonne! Anyone else remember The Flamingo or the Trail Coffee Shop?

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