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Mail call: Yet more downtown York memories

About this time last month, I shared another selection of readers’ memories of downtown York, PA.

Guess what? (You’ll never guess.)

I have more memories to share today!

Oh, wait, you guessed that? Oops.

One letter I received came from Betty J. Neff of Springettsbury Township. She writes, “I, too, would like to give some thoughts, memories of downtown shopping since I worked in the downtown area from 1946 to 1990. Walker’s Men’s Store was at the corner of East King and South George Street prior to Sunny’s Surplus. Next to Leed’s on East Market Street was Herbert’s and next to them was Stillman’s store – both two floors of apparel, etc. I don’t think anyone mentioned Stanwyck’s Shoe Store on South George Street.” She concluded with a list of the jewelry stores she remembered: “Shaffner’s on East Market Street right before National Bank and Fluhrer’s on West Market Street, close to Bell’s Ladies Shop.”

I also had a really cool letter from Lea Akin of Dover Township, who wrote, “My late husband, Jerry Akin, had a terrific memory and wrote these memories in a journal. This appeared in his 2006 journal. It is his paper route from the early to mid ’60s. It lists businesses from the route that I thought might bring back some memories for your readers.”

She listed the following from Jerry’s journal:

“From the College Avenue bridge west to Penn Street, past Mary’s Sub Bar on Penn Street, Charlie Myers’ grocery on Penn and College, across from Sam’s Bar. To the north on the left side of Penn Street, Hoffman’s Meat Market. Up further to the right Princess Street School at Penn and Princess Street. Miss Cassimatis, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kelly, first grade teacher, second grade teacher, principal, in that order. Go back to College Avenue, right turn to the west. One block on left, two doors from Green Street, Jerry’s house. Across from Lancaster’s Restaurant and across from Hymie Malask’s Store. Before Jerry’s house, Stotler’s Venetian Blind Hospital and Beauty Shop. Further west on left, “Tooth Factory,” from Green Street to West Street, with Grantley Street in between. Corner of College AVenue and West Street, Rosie Krylywicz’s Store. End of route handed down from brothers Eddie to Mike to Ronnie to Jerry Akin.”

Lea signed her note, “Hope you might find this interesting for your readers,” and I definitely do – those were some places I’d not yet heard about and would certainly love to hear more regarding!

Finally, another reader who didn’t give her name sent me a note saying she was born and raised in York, and loved and still loves the downtown. She said she is now 88 and recalled a drive-in theater near the Road House on East Market Street, the Ramona, the Hiway Theater on West Market Street, the Golden Glow, the Rainbow Grill in the Valencia Ballroom’s basement and a brewery between King and Queen streets. I don’t recall the name of that brewery but we have definitely talked about several of those places in previous posts and it’s always nice to hear from others who share the same memories!

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