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Dover fun follow-up

Last week, I took the family and headed out to the Dover Women of Today fun fest up in Dover, which you’ll remember came as a spontaneous invite from a couple of women I met while selling items online.

I am really glad I met up with these ladies, Brenda and Cheryl. Not only did it give me blog material – for which I’m always grateful – it gave my family a really fun night out and didn’t cost us more than a few cents. Oh, and daughter Sarah won a bunch of fun prizes!

The kids could play free games to win tickets, which could be turned in for prizes. I hate clowns, so I was hoping Sarah would kick butt in the “clown knock off.” (She didn’t, but that’s OK.)

Possibly a bigger money-maker than the club expected was the penny pitch. Sarah won a cute Precious Moments “Friend” mug, which was fine. Thankfully, we didn’t bring many pennies, so we did not end up taking home an entire set of mismatched dishes, like some of the families there did. (And that is also OK!)

Sarah’s favorite game – in which she won tons of tickets – was a version of Plinko, a la “The Price is Right.”

And then there was EVERYONE’S favorite part:

Little alpacas!! These cuties were from Rusty Rocks Farm outside of Dover, and they were just the softest, nicest animals I’ve ever met. You could pet them and everything. And, of course, we did, because we’re total animal junkies.

Now, instead of arguing with West Manchester Township about owning a goat, I think I’d like to figure out how to pass off an alpaca as a pet. C’mon, it’s not that much bigger than my dog, just with a longer deck. (And probably smarter!)

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