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Do you remember Woolworth’s?

Back in September, I asked what I found out was a silly question – I wanted to know if we had ever had a Woolworth’s in York!
Of course we did. I feel sheepish.
New commenter Raymond Bankert said there was a Woolworth’s in the Hanover area, in the Clearview Shopping Center, until about 20 years ago. He said it had a basement level as well as a pretty spacious main level.
Jo, of course, remembers Woolworth’s, and even their great prices, as pictured in my earlier post!
Bob writes, “Woolworths was right downtown on the first block of West Market Street. The windows are now covered with art. The building has long been vacated and has fallen into significant disrepair. The old lunch counter is still inside harkening back to an age long past.”
John Loeper remembers that too! He says, “There was also a McCrory’s store in the same block of West Market with a lunch counter. I also think there was a Woolworth’s with a lunch counter in the original York Mall. Many people who worked in downtown York got lunch at either store’s lunch counters quite often. Breakfast from Peoples Drug on the square as well.”
Brother-in-law Mike even had a specific Woolworth’s memory. He writes: “The Woolworth’s downtown had a break a balloon deal in the sixties where you paid whatever price tag was inside the balloon for a banana split. It was free or up to 39 cents. Anybody else remember this?”
What else do you remember about Woolworth’s?

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