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Do you remember these downtown stores?

In talking about some of the “stores past” in York County, a new commenter, Marsha Jones, brought up some specific to York’s downtown area.

She writes: “The downtown stores were the best. Remember the Bon Ton Tea Room and the anticipation of their Christmas display? Also, the perfume fountain? People’s in the square was great, the best variety of candy. Here’s one to test your memory, Robert Hall’s Clothing Store on West Market Street, across from the old West Side Hospital, remember? Thanks for the memories.”

Does anyone else remember those stores? While I was looking them up in our staff archives, I found a neat story from 2006 – “Remembering downtown’s department store heyday.” Check it out, and let me know what else you remember about downtown York in that era!

2 comments on “Do you remember these downtown stores?

  1. Our family always shopped for back to school shoes at Newswangers. Although we were far from rich, Mom thought it was important to have good shoes! I remember a particular salesman who would corral us 5-6 children. After working with one of us, and probably returning from the back with more boxes, he’d go to one of the boys (we had 3 of each) and say, “meanwhile, back at the ranch…”
    When I got to high school and was making money working at Moley’s in Red Lion, The Deb Shop and Thee Country Peddler, I bought my shoes, mostly Capezios at Bear’s. Mostly they were priced around 12-14 dollars, but I splurged on a pair of suede Capezio “Castle Walks” for $16.00, my junior or senior year in High School.

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