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Do you remember some of the older local movie theaters?

This photo from the York Daily Record/Sunday News archives shows the Dallas Theatre in Dallastown before its reopening in 2005. Unfortunately, it’s since closed again (this time in 2009). The theater was originally built in 1927 and first showed silent films.

This question comes from my brother-in-law Mike.

“How many people remember all the movie theaters in the downtown area? We had the Strand and the Capital in the downtown area, we had the Highway Theater in the west end and the Holiday Theater in the east end and the Southern Theater in the south end where I grew up.”

He adds, “We also had a few drive-in theaters in the area back in the 60s. We had the Stonybrook in the east end, the Lincoln Highway Drive-In in the west end, and the Trail Drive-In in the south end near Loganville.”

He doesn’t mention it – maybe because it’s still open – but if you head north, there’s Haar’s Drive-In, which I actually grew up going to, and which my daughter goes to on occasion!

Do you guys remember these movie theaters? What about other ones? For instance, I know there were small theaters in Dallastown and in Stewartstown… I’m sure there were many more in the other towns around the county that I don’t know about!

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