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Do you remember Salvo’s?

Got this comment from reader Steve, who was responding to my memories of pizza and subs at Salvo’s in Dover.

Steve writes: “Growing up in the early-mid 90’s, Friday nights always consisted of a cheesesteak pizzaiolo from Salvo’s followed by watching the X-files at 9. I think the thing that made it was that they made bread and sauce fresh that morning/afternoon. The steak was just regular frozen wafer steak cooked on the grilltop with some thin-sliced white onions. When you brought it all together with cheese and rebaked it, it was out of this world. You could always tell when the lady was making one by the sound of her banging the metal spatula on the grilltop. I also remember the man’s accent being so thick, you could barely understand anything he said.”

Anyone else have any memories of Salvo’s to share? I remember going there as a little kid with my mom and dad after a long day tending market; it was a great way to get a quick dinner on our way home to the northern part of Dover Township.

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