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Do you remember Pappy’s?

I love fun coincidences. So when I found two things that I thought were unrelated, but that matched up… whoa!

First, in early April, came a comment from Kim Anderson, who writes, “I remember another place was Pappy’s Pizza. They had a big window where you could watch them make pizza. Our family would go there for pizza. It was great! I think is was somewhere in East York? Does anyone else remember this? & where it was? Does anyone remember the hot dog stand inside Sears @ the old York County Shopping Center?”

Well, first of all, Kim, YES – we love Sears hot dogs! See previous posts here and here and here.

But regarding Pappy’s, the cool coincidence is that my husband recently bought for me a fun piece of ephemera – a Pappy’s menu!

I’m including it below in two images, which you can click to enlarge. The only thing I’ll note is that the phone number it listed is still a valid number, so I blurred that out – no need to give those poor people “pizza calls,” right?

So, yes, Kim, someone else DOES remember Pappy’s, and you can see from the image that we found you a location, off the Leader Heights exit of I-83, 2600 Keyway Drive in York Township.

My question is, isn’t that the same location that later became Mr. Bill’s Quarterdeck? I’m pretty sure it is. If so, does anyone know what years each of those restaurants were in business?

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