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Do you remember Little Caesars?

While traveling in Virginia back in February, I happened upon the sign for a place I hadn’t seen in ages – a Little Caesars pizza shop! I always loved their commercials: “Pizza pizza!” (Also next to another favorite, Chick Fil A!)

Anyway, the only Little Caesars that I knew of in York was the one near where Subway is now on White Street in West Manchester Township, in the same strip of stores as Blockbuster, and of course that’s long since been closed. I guess I sort of thought the whole chain was closed, because I’m very, um, York-centric. So seeing the one in Virginia was nice.

Then imagine my surprise the other week when I was up in the Dillsburg area and realized there’s a Little Caesars – still selling super-cheap pizza – on Route 15, near where the Giant is!

Are there any others still in the area that I’m missing? Were there any before? Comment and let me know!

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