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Do you remember Joe, The Motorists’ Friend?

Got this comment from a reader, John Loeper, and just curious who else remembers this place!

He writes: “Anyone remember ‘Joe, the Motorists’ Friend?’ I used to work there. First at the York County Shopping Center, and then at the Northgate Shopping Center. They sold a lot of different stuff from motor oil to TV sets to toys and guns and ammo. it was kind of strange but I worked there for about three years after high school.”

I had never heard of it – can anyone tell me more? Very curious!

2 comments on “Do you remember Joe, The Motorists’ Friend?

  1. We lived in Aberdeen Maryland in 50s to 1969. I remember my dad working for them part timel in the early 60s. He installed seat covers etc. His name was Llewellyn.

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