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Do you remember J.M. Fields?

Commenter Melanie remembers Fields! I had asked about that one when I was writing about The North Mall, because it’s not a store I remember going to.

Melanie writes: “We lived not far from there and my mom worked there in the pet department, she used to bring animals home on the weekends or evenings that couldn’t be left there alone. I remember this monkey she brought home hanging off the curtains and playing with her cigarettes, it was pretty funny. … Oh what memories.”

OK, you could buy a monkey at J.M. Fields. You could buy a monkey in York County. HOW did I miss this?? Talk about born too late!

3 comments on “Do you remember J.M. Fields?

  1. From the ages of 16-18 I worked at Fields in York. What great memories! Carl in Security, Sharon at the courtesy desk, Carl in Shoes! Great times. Years later did I learn that my future sister-in-law worked at here in the snack bat at the same time I did!

  2. My Dad worked at Fields Automotive Department in York during the mid-late 60’s. Even took me to work with him.

  3. I worked at J.M. Fields in the 70’s in Domestic’s with Pauline. I remember Sharon from the front and Augie from the camera department. It was a fun place to work. Was the lady that ran the food court named Dot? I’m not sure of that, but the food was pretty good. 🍝

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