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Do you remember Gregory’s menswear store?

Today’s post is a quick one, hoping to get your ideas for a future post!

Do you happen to remember the Gregory’s menswear store that operated downtown for many years? Jim McClure has a great post on it over on his York Town Square blog, which I found while looking for something else this week.

That got me thinking that I didn’t remember having listed it in our stores of the past directory, so of course I had to remedy that!

Then, I realized that commenter John L. had seen Jim’s post too; he wrote, “I saw on another blog that the old building on N George Street that used to house Gregory’s men’s store has been turned into luxury apartments. that’s fantastic for downtown York. It also triggered memories of my mother buying clothing for me at Gregory’s for years until I was about a sr. in high school. The semi annual Gregory’s sale was a big deal for her. She would get there before the store opened to get the best bargains for me and my father.The store would always be packed with shoppers. I also had the privilege of doing a radio show in 1968 and 69 on WORK that was sponsored by Gregory’s (“The Gregory Gift Program”) . It was corny but people seemed to like it. I wonder if anybody else remembers those Gregory’s Semi Annual sales?”

I definitely have to echo John’s question… any other Gregory’s memories to share?

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