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Do you remember D.E. Jones?

One great thing about having other lifelong Yorkers in our family is the great dinner conversation it provides.

For instance, on Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law Mike and I were talking about the 5-and-10-type store that used to be in Delco Plaza, on your left as you came down the steps from Kmart into the mall.

My mom and I had been talking about that and could not, for the life of us, remember the name of it. She thought it might have been either a McCrory’s or a dollar store, but I was adamant that, no, it had another name.

Well, Mike came up with it. After a couple of false starts – like calling it David Jones – we recalled that it was D.E. Jones.

As near as I can tell through some quick Internet research, if a company by that name is even still in existence, it’s only in a few locations in New Jersey, and even that is suspect. When Wikipedia doesn’t even have a reference to something, you know it’s bad!

So, I’m turning to you, loyal readers. Do you remember D.E. Jones? Was it a chain? Were there others in York besides the one in Delco Plaza? I’d love to know!

19 comments on “Do you remember D.E. Jones?

  1. There was a D.E. Jones for a few years in the Fairlane Village Mall in Pottsville, PA. It was near the Boscovs in the late 90s and it basically was like a 5 and 10 or a dollar store. It had an odd assortment of cheap random stuff.

  2. There was a D E Jones store in Edison NJ for many years. It’s long gone. I loved the variety of stuff there: stickers of anime-style characters, bandanas with sports mascots (even Biker Mice From Mars) and general merchandise. Almost a replacement for Woolworth’s.

  3. There was a D E Jones in Zanesville OH, for quite a few years while i was growing up, lots and lots of strange cheaply made imports from stickers to note books with misspelled covers. I very vividly remember having a note book with a chubby cartoon cow that said “mlik” on the cover. The place was a treasure trove of goodies if you have the soul of a magpie.

    Alas the store and it’s very friendly employees tried to maintain but the store fair in the mid to late 90’s.

  4. I grew up in Columbus, OH. There was a DE Jones in the Norther Lights Shopping Center, a run-down strip mall on the north side of town. Like the other folks have said, it was basically a five-and-dime. I seem to remember it was mostly poorly made clothing and occasionally some cheap toys. My great grandmother loved shopping there, but often had to replace what she bought within a few weeks.

  5. There was an awesome DE Jones in Oakland, NJ in the late 80s/early 90s. It was the greatest place to shop!

  6. D.E. Jones stores and D & K Stores were owned by the same family with the first D & K Store opened in Erie PA in 1958. As many know, these stores were forerunners to Dollar stores as the stores founder came from a family of importers. The maiden name of the wife of the husband/wife tandem that started these stores was D.E. Jones. The husband was originally from the NY/NJ area. The wife was originally from Ohio, hence the heavy concentration of these stores in these states, with stores also in PA and western NY.

  7. I live in columbus ohio. And there was a D E Jones in the Great Southern shopping Center i remember going there in the 80s and 90s in 00 they close it . I miss this store wish they would reopen in . I use to get all my bath towels and wash cloths there 😢 i feel old now.

  8. There was one in Shamokin, PA. I remember it so well – if i mention to anyone, though, they look at me like I grew a second head!

  9. There was a D.E. Jones in the Chambersburg Mall, Chambersburg PA in the late 80’s to early 90’s. The space was originally occupied by a McCrory’s when the mall opened in 1982 and after McCrory’s closed it was replaced with D.E. Jones. I don’t remember what year the D.E. Jones disappeared but it was well into the early 90’s. I remember a white facade with red lettered sign.

  10. There was one in Newark Ohio as well. It was in a little strip mall off 21st street. I remember going there with my mom when I was little. They had so many different things to look through.

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