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Do you remember Crider’s in downtown York?

Some time ago, I received a note from Greg Leiphart saying, “As a child, I remember Crider’s (Creider’s?) store across from the courthouse on Market Street. I think it was a miscellaneous items store because they had a kids section with books and ‘toys.’ I do know at the bottom of the steps to the basement level were the kid’s stuff and books. I still have a few books my parents bought me in the early 1960s and remember purchasing them in that store. I do not remember many other stores in that block.”

In a post in early 2011, commenter Elizabeth asked about a toy store on East Market Street, and Matt Pettigrew said, “I think the toy store on East Market was Crider’s. It was owned by the Chambers family, some of whom are still around.”

As I was looking through our stores and restaurants of the past directory today, I realized I had a Crider’s Card Shop, but am wondering if this is all one variety-type store!

Any more memories on Crider’s to share? I’d love to fill in the details.

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