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Collectors’ stamps of Historic York

Remember this?

I talked about this little stamp back in July, after receiving it in an ephemera grab bag. I had wondered at the time if there were more, similar stamps, as the James Smith’s grave one that I had seemed like it might be part of a series.

Well, a few weeks ago, I found the following color copy on my desk:

It came with no name, just “For: Joan Concilio” written across the top, but to my anonymous gifter, thank you very much for sharing a copy of more of these stamps with me! I enjoyed seeing them, especially the Warrington Meeting House, which I drive past frequently!

(In case you can’t read all the names, they are, from left to right and top to bottom, Conestoga Wagon Museum; National Capitol, 1777-1778, Museum; John Schultz House, 1734; Historical Museum, York; Bentzel’s Mill Bridge; Warrington Meeting House, 1769; Little Red School House Museum; Laucks Farm & Craft Museum; McCulloch Mill, 1775; and Central Market, York.)

Thank you for sharing these!

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