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Coleslaw: If you don’t mind the smell… maybe it isn’t bad!

I do like bringing up foods like coleslaw every so often on the blog, because it seems like every time I do, I get strong responses one way or another.

Tracey says, “Ya know? I can’t remember ever having tried any form of coleslaw as long as I’ve been alive, but I’ve known for just as long that ‘I don’t like it.’ It just doesn’t look OR smell delightful to me.”

I admit I’m pretty much the same way about the looks of it, but then again, I’m not into mayonnaise, so I’m interested in hearing about recipes that make a “cabbage slaw” without it, if there are any. I believe Jo had suggested using mustard, which might be OK. I mean, the cabbage itself can’t be THAT bad, can it? I would guess that the smell, though, is probably mostly the vinegar, and I love, love, love vinegar. Yes, I’m weird.

My father-in-law John weighs in with a recommendation on where to get it: “KFC has the best cole slaw anywhere. Chickens die for it.”

Yes? No? Are there other chain restaurants that do it well?

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