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Coleslaw continued

Last week’s post on coleslaw generated a lot of thoughts!

When I told Jo I was going to write about it in the first place, she said, “Actually, it should make an interesting blog due to the many ways cabbage can be made into slaws, particularly around central PA. There’s creamy, made with or without mayonnaise; there are all sorts of variations of pepper slaws, where the cabbage is finely chopped. Some are sweet and some have other veggies included, such as finely chopped carrots, bell pepper or tomatoes, and some are sweet & sour. Most cooks have their own recipes defined by what they and their family like.”

She says, “I like my own better than most slaws, which are usually way too sweet and contain way too much salt.” Here’s the recipe:

Jo’s slaw

Start with half of a medium head of cabbage, sliced with a knife so as to not be too finely cut.

The dressing, made separately then mixed with the cut cabbage in a large bowl, is mayonnaise, vinegar, non-fat sour cream or yogurt, a teaspoon or less of sugar, pepper and celery seed. Once mixed, adjust amounts as needed. Jo says she loves Hellman’s mayonnaise and it has enough seasonings, including salt, that additional amounts are not needed.

She also helped me out – since I’m allergic to certain egg products, I’m not one to eat mayonnaise, but she mentioned I could probably substitute the sour cream for it, adding a little more seasoning to substitute for that which would have been in the mayo.

I don’t know – I’m still not a huge cabbage fan, but it’s worth a try at least once!!

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