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Rounding up memories from Codorus Township, Spring Grove, West York and beyond

Often when I get reader letters about memories from their town, I hang on to them, trying to bundle a few from a particular neighborhood or town together.

That sometimes comes out well – like when I get a bunch of great restaurant memories – but sometimes, I end up with letters that should have long ago been shared, still in my files!

Today’s post is an attempt to share a few such letters and hopefully to spark further memories!

Charles L. Wehrly, one of the auctioneers from Wehrly’s Auction Service, writes, “I live in Codorus Twp. I was thinking of all the stores that were in Codorus Township. There were 11 stores… now only 2. It is now a Rutter’s store and a Wetzel convenience store.” Charles added that he has many more Codorus Township memories; I hope we’ll get another letter for him with more to share!

Then, I heard from Mary Jane Hoff, who recalled memories from the other side of the county. She recalls, “the P.H. Glatfelter Paper Mill, everyone working… father, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews. (The company sponsored) excursions to Penn Mar Park by train. Also, to Seaside Park, we went by train, but, boat. Always we were given tickets to ride the amusement rides. Hurrah to P.H. Glatfelter of Spring Grove.”

And finally, I have a note from Sis James, who writes about my own part of the county, the West York area: “Does anyone remember the 1500 Club on W. King St. and do they remember when Bill Haley and the Comets were there? A little quiz, does anyone remember Babe Keller’s restaurant? The quiz is who was there before Babe Keller? I know it but I would like to know if anyone else remembers it. Here are a few more places, Steckler’s grocery store, Art Welcomer’s grocery store, Sowers grocery store and Lattuca’s was a grocery store, Senft’s potato chips, Fishel’s bakery, the Orange Top, Skelly’s sport and toy store, The Pine Tree Inn. Ted’s store on Clinton St., a place students hung out after school, Ginter’s restaurant, Robert Hall, Jimbo’s, West Side Osteopathic Hospital, of course Franklin Discount, Lauer and Gross, Rudissil’s body shop on Highland Ave. A butcher, Dave Myers, sold his meat from a truck (I hope it was refrigerated), York Ice Co. was in W.Y. There was a Joe Bury’s there, the Jolly Cow, Epps’ used cars, Evans drug store, Neuman’s Pond, Dogtown, Dr. Rumsfield, Dr. Rutland, a cop named Ralph Schultz, the Food Fair, Julius Dairy, I think that is enough for now have fun with this. (And the answer to my quiz, the restaurant befor Keller’s was Bill Myers!)”

Thank you all for sharing these memories from all parts of York County! Please keep them coming!

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