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Clearance cat(s)!

One of the other great happenings of the past two weeks: The addition of two new felines to our household.

As a review, our pets as of the end of February were:

Coby (big, fluffy, black Goldendoodle)
Salem (fat tuxedo cat)
Huggles (small, all-black cat)
Zack (fat goldfish)

Things our pets have in common: For the most part, they’re large. For another, they’re basically black.

So if we had to adopt more pets, wouldn’t you think we’d mix it up a little?


To make a long story short, the plan was to adopt Stormy, an all-black female cat, from the SPCA. She’d been on display at PetSmart, and we loved her. My mom took Sarah to look at her, they filled out an application on a whim, they took it to the SPCA, where they approved us immediately since we’d adopted Huggles from them in the not-too-distant past.

However. In earshot of my daughter, one of the workers piped up, “Did you know that if you buy one, you get one free?” Hence the coming of not one, but two cats, the second affectionately dubbed our Clearance Cat.

Guess what? He’s black too. His name is Mr. Bill, and he’s THE BEST cat ever. Very sweet; very friendly; very social. (Stormy has been a bit timid so far, but she seems nice too.)

Mr. Bill, though, is a bit bad. He climbs on counters, jumps on your lap when you’re not expecting it… you name it.

Also, there’s a bigger problem: We can’t tell half of them apart! You have to do process of elimination… well, it’s too skinny to be Salem. It’s too chummy to be Stormy… And so on.

But, two fewer cats at the SPCA, which is good, right? (And, they gave my mom a senior citizen discount, so we got two cats for $30. Total bargain cat acquisition.)

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