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Christmas in York County

Kara, the YDR’s business editor, and I went out at lunch today to do some last-minute holiday shopping. We ended up with an awesome Christmas surprise – nice people!

We started out at Target, where we shopped around a bit in menswear before ending up at the jewelry counter. After telling us the prices of a bunch of things and waiting while we decided what we wanted, the nice woman working at the jewelry counter offered to ring us each up there instead of making us wait in the long line at the front of the store.

Then, as she had Kara about halfway rung up, Kara realized she wanted to grab a purse from a nearby aisle. The woman very nicely offered to wait while we looked, then helped us make a decision (again!) We were then able to walk out past people waiting in HUGE long lines at the front!

Then, we headed up to Long John Silver’s/KFC on Route 30, where, as we were leaving, a woman cleaning up trays told us to “Have a blessed day!”

And we even had a nice checkout clerk in our final stop – the liquor store also on Route 30, in the Crossroads shopping center!

Now that’s a York County holiday – at least, it really helped me feel more upbeat about the season and all that I have left to do.

What have you thought about customer service this Christmas? Better than usual, or did we just get lucky?

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