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Cats, cats, cats… and more cats

I got another cat. But I do have an argument to make in my defense.

If YOU saw that picture, and you got an email about poor Mitts, who is 7 or 8 years old and whose owners left and abandoned him, leaving him outside, wouldn’t you want to give him a home? He was very lonely, and he’d run up to almost anyone who came near, hoping for some attention.

On top of it all, he is mitten-toed, a congenital deformity that gives him extra toes on some of his feet. On his front feet, they come out sort of like thumbs, and look like mittens. Hence the name Mitts, I guess.

But he’s a very nice boy and he seems to be settling into the house. What’s great is that we have family visiting this weekend, and in about an hour, 12 people will take part in a big dinner. Twelve people… four cats… a dog… can’t forget the goldfish… what a house!

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