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Here’s a Yorkism that’s especially good for this time of year, when it gets icy. It’s not “slippery” out. Oh, no. It’s slippy. Yes, this is another saying I’m guilty of using. In this case, I argue that it’s just like dropping “to be” from my verbs. It’s an economization

Here’s a funny thought about a Yorkism that came up in our family this holiday season. I kept saying it and didn’t even realize there was anything unusual. Cousins. It’s a simple word. Except that I keep saying “cousints.” One of the reporters here, Nickie Dobo, said she grew up

One of my friends and coworkers, Kara, recently gave me a copy of Pennsylvania Magazine, whose publisher, Al Holliday, has a regular column called “Did ‘ja know?” In the issue she gave me (May/June of this year), Holliday’s column explores some of the ways we “tawk” funny across Pennsylvania. Tawk

The Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group locally is very active and has a great newsletter. One of their issues earlier this year included several sites related to the Pennsylvania Dutch language and culture. The Pennsylvania German Society The Kutztown Folk Festival, which is held each year to celebrate “Pennsylvania Dutch Folklife

First, if you’re visiting for the first time today, I’m running a poll about what you call a particular green vegetable. So far, “string beans” are beating out “green beans” as the name for the veggie in question. But I’ve had some interesting conversations about this that I’d like to