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He’ll kick me for calling him that. Oh, well! Anyway, remember how I said he got weirded out at a church supper this spring because he expected pulled pork barbecue instead of what we Yorkers know as “barbecue”? Well, his sister, Adriane, did decide to defend him. She said, “Poor

That’s not good, for an editor! But today, I wanted to post about a Pennsylvania Dutch-ism that describes how my daughter gets as the end of the school year approaches. She gets “reutchy” or “rutchy” (meaning rowdy, can’t sit still, etc.) I know you guys have to have heard that

I got a postcard the other day reminding me it’s time for my daughter’s checkup at the optometrist. That reminded me of a Yorkism suggested by our head blog editor, Scott Fisher, one time. He mentioned the idea of getting your eyes “examed” instead of examined. Have you ever heard

Here’s a fun Yorkism from Mark in Austria: going “down” to a place. He wrote: “Don’t forget, no matter where you are going, North, South, East or West, you are always going ‘down to’ somewhere … I’m going down to Lancaster, etc.” How true! That’s definitely one I use! How

Got another Yorkism submission, this one from my sister-in-law Adriane. When I posted about didn’st and acrosst back in January, she brought up another extraneous T-word. She writes: “I notice another one all the time: using ‘t’ in ‘asked’. It ends up sounds like ‘I wanted to ast you a

When Mark was telling about what a Lumpenball is last week, he also brought up the German heritage behind another good Yorkism – saying something is “all.” He writes: “Yorkers say that something’s all as in finished or out; comes directly from German – das gibts es alles – it

You guys all win! The question of how to pronounce “Lancaster” garnered good response, and the majority of you picked what I consider the right answer. And Tracey agrees – she says, “I lived there for a few years. I can testify, the correct way to pronounce it is LANK.”

Faithful reader Jo brings up one of my favorite Yorkisms – tinfoil! She wrote recently: “Here’s a ‘York-ism’ to consider that I heard from a native Yorker today. ‘Tin foil.’ As in aluminum foil. I must admit I have not heard that expression in a very long time.” I love