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In our official poll on stuffing vs. filling vs. dressing, stuffing is winning, at least as of now. I’m leaving the poll open for a while longer, though, so consider this a “midpoint check-in.” If you feel strongly about filling or dressing, encourage your friends to come vote! I’ve gotten

So many responses on my post back in March about whether it’s stuffing, filling or dressing. Bill Landes says, “Filling, Filling, Filling … any Dutchman worth his weight calls it this.” And, I even got a letter in the mail about this topic! Connie Sheely-Good from York writes: “It’s filling

Thanks to all who were able to help me out with my recent post about being “rutchy.” Mark in Austria came to the “German origin” rescue again. He writes: “Rutschen (v) means to slip or slide and is used many different ways here … as in Die Stra├če ist rutschig

As I’ve been researching the Names of York series, I’ve come upon some places that aren’t named after people, but whose names I don’t understand the origins of. One of those is the Kreutz Creek area in Hellam Township. There’s a library named after it, an elementary school, churches, a

Flickr photo by user eiratansey This is one that I’m not personally guilty of, but I hear it a lot – in fact, not that long ago, it came over the police scanner here at the paper! It’s pronouncing the word “laundromat” as “laundry-mat.” I guess in a lot of