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Commenter Bill chimed in recently about my recent post on being strubbly. I had said I didn’t know the origins of the word, but Bill was very helpful! He writes, “The word, strubbly is the Anglicized version of the German word, strubbelig, which translates as, shaggy, tousled, unkempt. We also

We haven’t had a good Yorkism in a little while, and I promise that wasn’t intentional. I’ve got tons to share. But it got me thinking about two Yorkisms I’ve heard for exactly those situations that aren’t intentional – for accidents. Our editorial page editor, Scott, says one of his

Longtime loyal reader Jo is always good about sharing Yorkisms with me when she spots them. A while back, she mentioned the phrase, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you.” I’m familiar with that one. A bit painfully, in fact, because my mom is known to say it when

Commenter Bill Schmeer pointed out that, in the Wikipedia entry on fried eggs, we get some recognition for the “dippy eggs” concept, which of course was the best D of York County! Good Yorkers know these are basically over-easy eggs. In the Wikipedia entry, Bill points out, it says that

My post about the pronunciation of supposedly as “supposably” did just what I said – it led to a bunch of comments! My sister-in-law, Adriane, said it’s one of a list of such things that drive her crazy. Her others? “EXpresso instead of espresso.” “EXpecially instead of especially.” “All intensive