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Oh, it’s time for a good Yorkism! Today’s isn’t exactly a separate word. It’s just a, well, different pronunciation of the word “different.” And this is one I’ve been heard to use myself. Instead of saying it as written, diff-er-ent, I tend to say diff-ern-t. Interestingly, a search for differnt

I really liked hearing so many comments about “spritzing” on my post last month! Hubby pointed out a funny use of “spritz” that I’d forgotten. We have a bottle at home just for spritzing the cats when they go places they’re not supposed to go. Mark contributes from Austria, “You’ve

One of my favorite sources for all things Pennsylvania Dutch is Dianne. In a recent letter, she described a Pa. Dutch saying that her grandfather used when bouncing his grandchildren on his knee. She writes, “It goes something like this… Rida, rida gali, Acka-docka-miley, My-a-missa, Hava-dessa, For des’ gal a