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Today’s fun Yorkism comes courtesy of longtime reader Jo. She suggested some time ago that we talk about “persnickety.” While this is not an “Only” in York County thing, it’s certainly something we say a lot, and, of interest, we’re home to a business by the same name, a wedding

Time for another Yorkism! In the style of pronouncing different ‘differnt’ comes ‘mise-well,’ which is what I call the York County short form of saying “might as well.” This comes to me from my friend Crystal, source of many Yorkisms. She was the one who suggested ‘different,’ and I got

Oh, it’s time for a good Yorkism! Today’s isn’t exactly a separate word. It’s just a, well, different pronunciation of the word “different.” And this is one I’ve been heard to use myself. Instead of saying it as written, diff-er-ent, I tend to say diff-ern-t. Interestingly, a search for differnt