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On Nov. 3, I wrote about skinned, skanned and skunned. And about a week later, I heard from perhaps the most definitive source on this sort of grammar and usage trickery: One of my high-school English teachers, Sheila Webb of Dover. Mrs. Webb, by the way, is awesome. And hearing

One interesting side benefit of the “Ask Joan” feature is that even people who I’ve known for ages are starting to ask me questions about life in York County, which hadn’t really happened before. But another neat thing is that I’ve been introduced, through it, to tons of people who

You thought you’d heard the last about being “strubbly,” or ill-kempt/disheveled, didn’t you? Then came a letter in the mail from Lorraine of York about her experiences with the word; and THEN, I got the most recent copy of the Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group’s newsletter, which featured a photocopy of