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There’s a Yorkism for you – “Outen the light!” It means, not surprisingly to turn out the light, and if you’ve read my thoughts on other Yorkisms like been and butter bread and whatfer, you’ll know that I think we stick with “outen” because it’s shorter than “put out” or

So, if you’re a Yorker, you probably often do things “once.” You know, “Let me see that once.” “Leave me read that once.” If you’re a hardcore Yorker, you probably don’t just do them “once,” you say it “once-t” or “wunst.” This is similar to awhile in that it’s always

Next in the Yorkisms series… I said this one today. “I’m going to see if the mail’s been.” Yet another example of local economy of words, it means if something has “been here yet,” but why not drop those last two words? Is there anything else I could possibly mean?