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Had this plate full of yummy local goodness at a recent Wednesday evening church supper. Yes, that’s hamburg barbecue. Poor my husband read the menu, which said “barbecue,” and came expecting pork. Aww! I’ll train him up right, I promise. There’s another kind of barbecue on that plate, too, in

I’ve read in several places that the idea of an Easter rabbit was started in the United States by the Pennsylvania Germans. There are tons of sources of this online; here’s one notable result that says: “The Easter Bunny was introduced to America by the German settlers who arrived in

I used my weekend plans in Hanover as an excuse to try a Hanover-area specialty that I hadn’t had before – the downtown Famous Hot Weiner! Despite being pretty familiar with the Hanover area, I’d never eaten at the original location at York Street and Broadway, just the newer one

Here’s a question for Yorkers past and present and Yorker wannabes. Do you now, or have you ever, lived in a home that had one of the following: – Tinfoil ball – Drawer full of aging rubber bands – Graveyard of plastic takeout containers and lids, in which the lids

As in “whoopie pie,” that is. I’ve been wanting to write about these local treats for a while now. Last week, the Friends of the Collinsviile Library sold them as part of a “Pi Day” fundraiser (Pi Day being March 14th, celebrating famous math figure Pi, 3.14159…) Their flavors included

As if the window candles didn’t spark enough debate on local house-decorating customs, what about this one? I’m referring, of course, to the idea of putting a huge metal star on your house. My roommate (for another few days at least – an early goodbye to you, Tina!) mentioned these