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Sunday marked my second trip to the fair; this time, “Fair Team Joan” included me, Sarah, and my husband, Chris. Highlights of this day were a lot of carnival games, a trip to the “World of Wonders,” more familiarly known as the freak show, and more cute and fuzzy things

Friday night marked our first of what will be many trips to the fair this year. “Fair team Joan” that night included my mom, Joan, and my daughter, Sarah. Here’s a look at some of what we saw and ate. Future trips to the fair include time spent working in

Thanks to all who were able to help me out with my recent post about being “rutchy.” Mark in Austria came to the “German origin” rescue again. He writes: “Rutschen (v) means to slip or slide and is used many different ways here … as in Die Stra├če ist rutschig