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No, not the sixth anniversary of Ask Joan; rather, this weekend marked my husband’s and my sixth wedding anniversary. We spent the weekend in State College and had a blast. I came home to about a ton of Ask Joan mail and other thoughts for the blog, though, so please

My Sunday afternoon was spent planting in the garden, doing some light weeding and making the ritual pilgrimage to the Delco Lowe’s along with, apparently, 98% of the rest of West Manchester Township. Maybe I saw you there! What’s inside 1. A Gino’s employee reunion 2. Former hotels/boarding houses in

Of course yesterday was Mother’s Day. As much as I loved being celebrated by my husband and daughter, my favorite thing remains to celebrate my own mom. Did you know her name is also Joan? I can’t tell you how many things I still ask that Joan – even more

My workday today was spent dealing with the news of Osama bin Laden’s death for the YDR’s news website. Which explains why it’s almost 11 p.m. and I’m writing “Ask Joan” from the comfort of home! I hope you’ll forgive the delay. Today’s edition marks the first Ask Joan follow-up

My husband, daughter and I spent our Easter weekend at my sister Louise’s house in New Jersey. We had fun, and it’s like we left in one season and came back in another – when we left, it still felt like just about winter, but it was stiflingly hot when

This weekend’s highlight was going to see the performance of Behold the Lamb, the original “visual oratorio” created by some friends of mine. In addition to watching the show, we were able to help by hosting three of the student singers last night into this morning. As you read this,

I spent most of yesterday doing some major decluttering and spring cleaning in our house. We managed to come up with a ton of things to sell – I joked that it was a small apartment’s worth. It’ll feel good to have it out of the house. (Note to longtime

I’m unashamedly stealing the format for my reader mailbag from Trent Hamm at The Simple Dollar. I always liked it, and so do the rest of his readers, so why not? So far, I am getting slightly fewer questions than Trent, though, so I’m not planning to answer 10 at