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Today was my daughter’s first day of sixth grade – the start of middle school in our district! In addition to that typical craziness, we also went and bought her a (used) flute tonight so she can join the band. Busy day. I hope my cute photo will serve as

As you read this, I’m in Pittsburgh, hanging out with two good friends after driving my mom to an event she’s attending this week. But I will be back later today – can’t stay away from York for THAT long! Meanwhile, in a real “it’s a small world” kind of

Lots of rain and thunder hit us earlier today in West Manchester Township. Now, it’s as hot as ever. I remind myself frequently that I hate winter! The only truly bad part about the heat for us is the damage being done to our garden. Well, if that’s our biggest

I think it’s an “Only in Joan’s family” thing that grocery-shopping is a full-on family event that takes up most of a weekend. Saturday was Central Market and BJ’s; Sunday was a trip to Wegmans outside Mechanicsburg that, all told, took about 4 hours. Guess I have no excuse to

As my husband mentioned in his VERY sweet guest post Saturday, I’ve been a bit under the weather. Just starting to feel human again today; thanks for all your good wishes! What’s inside 1. A question about newspaper archives 2. Seeking name of hobby shop 3. Rec sports info in

I’ve said before that my purpose with Ask Joan is to help you find answers to things you don’t know about York County, past and present. I prefer for it not to be “stump Joan” by asking me to answer things you already know about or that you just know

As today marks the first official “summer vacation” day for my daughter, I’m forced to ask myself: Can I really be the parent of a rising middle-schooler? This is emphatically not the type of question I really want to contemplate. What’s inside 1. my husband seeks The Regal Store 2.

Late last week, our family went on a 4-H trip to Kiwanis Lake to see the nesting herons and egrets. They’re amazing – and it’s cool that some of the most unusual wildlife in York County is nestled inside the city. Read more about the birds at Kiwanis here, through