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Tomorrow marks my 29th birthday! I’m really excited… only a year until 30. I expect a major celebration for my 30th. Unlike some who dread it, I feel like that’s when you’re really “someone,” if that makes sense. But for now, I’m going to enjoy 29! What’s inside 1. Value

I spent the weekend doing something I actually don’t do too often – SHOPPING! During a trip to Central Market, I snagged two awesome necklaces from Antiquita Glassworks and got to talk to owner/leader artist Harry Smith III, who was super-cool and friendly. If you guys haven’t yet checked out

Last week’s time off was amazing. And productive! my husband and I blogged, got some things done around the house, made some extra money, worked on our debt-payoff budget, bought a new home computer, watched the world’s most terrible movie and, oh yeah, had some fun, too! Now I’m back

It’s magical: I’m on vacation this week, and here you are, still reading Ask Joan. Neat, huh? It’s thanks to some help from friends in answering today’s questions. My plans for the day, because my husband and daughter are also off, might include a trip a little north to see

Somehow, it’s cold. Like winter. It was 80 degrees not that long ago. Did we skip fall? I, for one, want it back! My daughter went with my sister and brother-in-law to the Renaissance Faire yesterday, and they were REALLY chilly. See? Bone-chilling! For my part, I’m drinking hot chocolate