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Hubby and I are taking a special trip this week – my Christmas present was a getaway to Bennington, Vermont! After a hectic week and weekend last week, it’ll be nice to get away, but the preparations are keeping me busy! (Don’t worry, Only in York County will continue uninterrupted,

Regular readers might know that I study tae kwon do at Dover Dragons TKD. Well, one of our programs for more advanced students has included lessons this month in using nunchucks (nunchaku). I love it. Thankfully for those in close physical proximity, we practice with foam ones. After a while,

Usually in Ask Joan, I mix it up; I share both questions I DO have the answers to, as well as some where I’m seeking details from you in order to help a reader. Today, there’s no mixing. This is all stuff I just haven’t been able to figure out.

Tomorrow marks my 29th birthday! I’m really excited… only a year until 30. I expect a major celebration for my 30th. Unlike some who dread it, I feel like that’s when you’re really “someone,” if that makes sense. But for now, I’m going to enjoy 29! What’s inside 1. Value

I spent the weekend doing something I actually don’t do too often – SHOPPING! During a trip to Central Market, I snagged two awesome necklaces from Antiquita Glassworks and got to talk to owner/leader artist Harry Smith III, who was super-cool and friendly. If you guys haven’t yet checked out