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Butcher bologna: A fun local food

Today’s “things we eat” post comes from longtime reader John Loeper, who writes:

“Just a comment about things unique to York County. This has to do with a food item called ‘Butcher Bologna.’ I have eaten this bologna since my youth but have not been able to find it anyplace outside of York County. In York it is available at Giant, Weis, Central Market and Conrad’s, but you cannot find it in those same stores in Lancaster, Dauphin or Cumberland counties. There are several brands of it, Ahrens, Millers, Weaver’s and a few more. When I lived in western PA I used to order it over the phone from Millers and they would ship it to me (it’s that good). I just wonder why York county is the only place person can buy this wonderful bologna.”

John, I found you a friend in New Jersey who wonders the same thing. What’s up with the butcher bologna thing?

And while we’re on the subject of food, Bill Schmeer found something a little while back that I wanted to make sure I shared. Local chef Andrew Little was featured on’s “Eatocracy,” talking about some local delicacies like scrapple, hogmaw and schnitz and knepp.

You might remember that I’d talked about Andrew back in April, when someone brought his blog, Eat Like You Live Here, to my attention.

I hope you’ll check out the interview with Andrew here. And check back tomorrow, because the subject of bologna continues … though perhaps in a different (differnt?) direction.

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  1. I live in Ocean City, MD and I, just like John, have been looking for Butcher Bologna and can’t drive to York, PA to get it. Do you have any suggestions?

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