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Business advertisements from the York High Weekly in the early 1940s

Longtime reader friend Jo Ott shared with me some time ago a large collection of advertisements from former York theaters and businesses.

She wrote, “These are photos of actual advertisements in the December 1941 and February 1942 copies of the York-High Weekly found at an auction a few years ago. I selected some that seem humorous now and some that make little sense although they probably did at the time they appeared. You are jogging a lot of York County memories. It will be interesting to see if any YDR readers (over a certain age) remember any of these businesses.”

These are PHENOMENAL images that certainly sparked a lot of thoughts for me, and I hope you’ll enjoy this slideshow featuring more than a dozen of them!

Included are several theaters: The Strand, The Capitol, The Southern, The Ritz, The Hiway and The York Theater.

Also, you can see ads from Dale & Co. Pharmacists; C. Mac and Roland M. Fulton, Real Estate, Insurance and Property Management; Hollander’s; Edison Light & Power Co.; Dr. Tamarkin, Optometrist; Standard Rag & Paper Co.; Gables Barber Supply; something that I think must have been “Shuey’s”; and, of course, The Gazette & Daily, the YDR’s predecessor!

Would love to hear your memories of any and all of these!

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