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Books you might enjoy if you’re into York County history

I’ve received two letters in recent weeks about books I might like – and, in fact, that readers who are interested in York’s past might enjoy.

The first letter is from Marian Canfield of York Township, who also mentioned some of her memories of growing up in West York. She says, “My parents and I had lived next door to Chet Patterson during and before he started his sporting goods store. H.M. Rehmeyer’s was a place where I could ride my bike to the back for whatever repair job the bike needed.”

She says, “In my possession I have two books published by the Chamber of Commerce. One is ‘The Story of a Dynamic Community, York Pennsylvania’ (1945) and the other, ‘Greater York in Action’ (1968). Maybe you are already familiar with them. I just wanted to let you know of their existence.”

Interestingly, I also received a letter from Terry Shenberger … about the same two books!

Terry writes, “I have two books in my possession that you may find interesting. The first is: The Story of a Dynamic Community, York Pennsylvania, text by Betty Peckham, and published by the York Chamber of Commerce. I am unable to find a date of publication, but it appears to be in the mid 1940’s. Topics included in the table of contents: Events in the history of York; Influence of the Pennsylvania Germans; Education and culture; Civic and public institutions; Health and welfare; Agriculture; Associations and clubs; Churches; Amusements; Public Utilities; and Industrial and commercial. There are numerous photos of the area and buildings.”

Terry continues, “The second is: Greater York in Action, by Lynn Smolens Taub (Mrs. Robert S. Taub) and published by the York Chamber of Commerce. The date of publication is 1968. Topics included in the table of contents: York County data; History and customs; Industry; Business organizations; Distribution and transportation; Cultural activities; Education; Financial institutions; Medical facilities; Real estate and contractors; Utilities; Religion; Shopping; Hotels, motels and restaurants; Communication; Social welfare services; Recreation and sports; Tourist attractions; Clubs and organizations; Agriculture; Government; and Men and events. There are numerous photos of the area and buildings.”

And Terry concludes, “If you could find a copy of these books, the information in these books could be a great resource for your column. The books may be available in the York County Library System.”

Terry and other readers will be glad to know that they ARE available through our local libraries. Here’s info on where to find ‘Greater York in Action’, and here’s where you can read ‘The Story of a Dynamic Community’.

I have read at least parts of both of these books before, and can DEFINITELY recommend them!

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