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Mail call: Remembering Besser’s, Bury’s and an outdoor theater

A newer correspondent wrote to me recently with memories of several places we’ve talked about; I am excited to be able to share!

The letter comes from Pat (Patterson) Sanderson and her husband of 64 years, Ed.

Pat writes, “Yes I remember Besser’s. I lived on a farm directly across the highway from Besser’s with my parents James & Kathryn Patterson. They bought eggs for the restaurant.”

Pat mentioned that she also is a Floridian, as was previous commenter on Besser’s Gene Rank, who happens to be a family friend of mine. Pat says, “I don’t know if Gene Rank worked there during that period or not. (1938 to 45) Or whether he knew my father or not. Mr Rank now lives in Fla. as do my husband & I, in Bradenton for the last 28 yrs.” Small world!

And Pat continues, “Do you remember the very popular Joe Bury’s Hamburgers? There were 2 or 3 restaurants. The most popular next to the old Valencia ballroom on N George St. If only we had that recipe for the sauce. The best ever.” (Well, Pat, you’re in luck – at least maybe. There’s heated debate, but this might just be that recipe!

Finally, Pat concludes, “And don’t forget the old trail outdoor theatre next to Besser’s. I could go on, but enough reminiscing. You reminded us of so many pleasant memories.”

Pat, so did you! Thanks for that information and those memories!

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