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It’s hard to get lost in York County

Remember my good friend Jennell Moser, who shared her thoughts about and research on the Camp Betty Washington area in this post last month?

Well, she and I grew up outside of Dover, and when she told me she’d written something about an area we spent plenty of time in as teens, I knew it’d be great to share here.

(And, a comment about another point she makes: I think it’s HARD to get lost in York County. In fact, when Chris and I drive around, he works at trying to get me somewhere I’ve never been, and I can still figure out, “Oh, we’re near Gatchelville” or whatever!)

So here’s Jennell!


I have grown up in York County and have seen it grow exponentially in my own lifetime. I remember my Mom always gasping when she saw what was once a field turned into a development and now I do the same thing.

Though, much has changed throughout the county in the past 30 years many of my favorite spots are still the same. I have made many friends throughout the years that are not from York and mention often how they only know how to get from their house to where their work is. When I get the chance to take them somewhere, I am always met with the phrase “I can’t believe how beautiful it is out here.”

My Dad loves to take random car rides and I must say that I have inherited that from him. I love to get into my car and drive, always knowing I will eventually run into somewhere I know; the turnpike, river, Route 15 or Maryland.

I am also infatuated with maps, I refuse to ever use a GPS, and I feel that everyone should be able to figure out how to go where they need to go because one day that GPS may go off line. How many people won’t know how to even make it home from work?

I try to instill this in my daughter and one of our favorite games is to get in the car and let her pick which direction we go. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, get to an intersection and ask Left, Right or Straight. I am always confident that we will eventually find our way out and also find some new ways to get around the 910 square miles that makes up York County.

Some of my favorite spots to this day are the ones I grew up around in outskirts of Dover.

My favorite by far is a peaceful place on the Bermudian Creek off of Bermudian Church Road. Behind the Bermudian Church is an open area that local fishermen frequent. The creek flows into the Conewago creek a little ways down from this spot.

The cemetery behind the church has been there since the mid 1850’s and range from typical century old stones to elaborate memorials; one is a recreation of the Star Ship Enterprise.

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