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Ask Joan: The ‘Can it please stay sunny?’ edition

Yet another bonus Ask Joan today! Though I hope you’re out enjoying the weather instead of inside reading!

What’s inside

1. Following up on Strinestown cemetery
2. More details on Berry’s Restaurant
3. Wall-to-Wall Sound and Video information

1. In an early 2012 Ask Joan, Nelson Hollerbush asked about the exact location of the former Mount Pleasant Cemetery, later renamed Strinestown Cemetery.

Barry Ness shared the following information on behalf of his mother: “The location of the cemetery near Strinestown is… on Cemetery Road off of the Susquehanna Trail. This road is located just “north” of the Strinestown Firehouse on the left. The cemetery is located about a quarter-mile back that road on the left. Just before Hill-n-Dale Road.”

Arlamae Bolton said, “I have several uncles and aunts buried there. Going towards Harrisburg go all the way through Strinestown at the end there is a narrow road on the left that leads into the cemetery. I don’t remember ever seeing a sign. It’s quite a large cemetery.”

Crystal replied, “My family has several plots there and I am actually a member of the committee. The older part of the cemetery is located on the right hand side when you pull in. Mr. Nelson Hollerbush had stated he was looking for a relative that had passed away in 1857. I am thinking this is where the plot would be. But there are also older plots throughout.” Crystla pointed out this online directory of many of the gravesites, including two Hollerbushes! Elaine Miller also mentioned the archives on, which are similar.

I also heard from the person I’d originally asked – local historian and cemetery preservationist Blake Stough of Preserving York. He noted the location as mentioned about, and gave some information on how this area of Conewago Township got its name. “Mt. Pleasant was the original town name, but was eventually named Strinestown after John Strine. It would make sense for the cemetery to do the same, but I believe it came into existence years later,” Blake said.

Thanks to all for helping pinpoint that location and those research tools!

2. I’d already run several memories about Berry’s Restaurant after sharing a question from friend and coworker Darlene Swords. I did receive one more Berry’s note I wanted to share, as it came from a family member!

Betty Eck wrote, “My mother’s brother, Earl Berry and his wife Clara, were the owners of the restaurant. They lived in the apartment above the restaurant. The restaurant was actually called ‘Berry’s Luncheonette’ and was only open for breakfast and lunch. When my parents would take us for a visit, the adults would visit in the living area upstairs and they would let the ‘kids’ go down to the restaurant, because it was closed when we would visit. They would give us coins to play the pinball machine and there were no limits to the ice cream that we were allowed to help ourselves with. Uncle Earl’s and Aunt Clara’s was one of our favorite places to go!”

I bet it was, Betty!

3. Finally today, I want to follow up on a question from Kip about the location of Wall To Wall Sound & Video.

Maureen Welsh Horner writes, “I can tell you all about Wall to Wall Sound & Video because I was employed with the company for several years. They started out as Listening Booth and changed their name to Wall to Wall (at the York Mall), when they were a record store selling just that – LP records. The video got added when the company started to get into selling electronics, TVs, stereos, etc. They opened up a Super Store in the old Two Guys Plaza and remained there until the company, which was home-based in Cinnaminson, N.J., went bankrupt in the early 1990s. I have fond memories of the company and it’s a shame they are out of business, it was a great place to work… they were ‘Clearly the Leader.'”

Many thanks, Maureen!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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