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Ask Joan: Spring starts now edition

By the time many of you are reading this, it will be SPRING! We are so excited.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we are now a homeschooling family, and being able to be outdoors is a great blessing to us. In fact, we found the nest above in our yard just this weekend, and Sarah was thrilled to examine it.

(Shameless plug – if you’re interested in reading more about our family’s adventures, check out our new homeschooling blog here. This goes out in particular to whoever answered the question in my New Year’s survey about what content you want to see more of on this blog with “More Sarah” – this new spot is where you’ll find her!)

What’s inside

1. Where to see the river
2. Memories from county’s war veterans
3. Kelly’s Grocery Store info sought

1. Would you mind giving us the exact location on the Susquehanna River (where these photos were taken)? I can see the Columbia/Wrightsville bridge but I can’t picture exactly where the paved road is. Are you on the Wrightsville side or the Columbia side? Are you north or south of the bridge?
– Kris

I got back to Kris right away, but I wanted to make sure EVERYONE knows about this great river spot, especially in light of our spring weather.

The photos I posted last week were taken from the parking lot behind the John Wright restaurant in Wrightsville – you’ll see there’s a big open space there with a boat launch, etc. Lots of people park there and it’s a public access, so – very popular! To get there from York, just head all the way out east on Market Street, and immediately before you’d go to cross the bridge, there is a road that veers down and to the left (you have to veer up and right to cross the bridge). Take that, and it will come to a T very shortly. Make a left at the T, then you’ll see John Wright on your right; make a right immediately after the building and you’re there!

It’s a beautiful spot with picnic tables, benches, etc. I highly recommend!

2. I was watching the national news (recently) and it was reported that we are losing over 700 of our WWII vets every day. They went on to say that at some location named Hanover (not our Hanover), people were collecting the remembrances of the remaining veterans. I think it would be nice if you and your staff could come up with something like that. I am sure that many of the ones remaining would have some very interesting things to relate, things that would otherwise be lost forever. My late brother fought in Germany during this period.
– Burl Wolfe

I was thrilled to receive Burl’s suggestion – in large part because we’ve been working to do just that, collect memories of veterans (and many other groups of people) as part of our multi-year “Remember” series, which runs occasionally in our print Living section and which is available online here. (See World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War memories in particular.)

One thing I’d like to particularly invite ANYONE in the community to do is to make this a “living” series in the truest sense of the word. We collect memories before writing each installment, but maybe you know of someone who didn’t share at the time but should be featured now. If so, I encourage and challenge you to post a comment on the appropriate topic and share YOUR memories. We truly do want this series to help document the history of our community, through video, audio and text, much like I try to document the retail and restaurant history of York County on this blog!

3. Does anyone remember Kelly’s Grocery Store, 636 Dallas St., York PA 17403. My Grandmother was the counselor and comforter of many during WWII.
– Carolyn Sue Brenneman

I wanted to share this in light of the “Remember” information above – in keeping with the World War II theme! Unfortunately, I do not have any information on that store for Carolyn, but I am hoping someone reading will have memories to share!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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