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Ask Joan: New questions, new logo edition

Like my new Q-and-A image? My friend Dan made that for me, as the old one was kind of getting tired-looking. I mean, hey, you can only hold up fake letters for so long before your arms give out, right? 😉

What’s inside

1. Seeking name of 5 & 10 store
2. and 3. Using the Polk city directories
4. Swimming spot in Pigeon Hills
5. More thoughts on Boeckel’s Landing

1. Could you tell me the name of the five and ten store in York in the 1940s on the West Market Street – Jack’s Department Store was across the street. It was the first 5 & 10 on the block next to the jewelry store on the corner.
– Mary Johnson

Mary, I think if I’m reading previous memories right, that 5 & 10 was perhaps Kresge’s? The downtown map drawn for me by Dick Staub seems to indicate it is, and this 2011 memory from Larry Good also suggests it.

Any memories of Kresge’s to share?

2. There was a Pensupreme Restaurant located on North George Street. Do you know who owned it in 1945-1946? How can I find out?
– Colleen Morgan

3. I vaguely remember tubs of ice cream as a kid from Yuenglings of York, the reason for my post is I was told the property I bought was formerly where the plant was at 1447 W. Orange St.. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
– Paul Sunday

For both of the questions, the resource that will be the answer is the Polk City Directory – often referenced by my friend Ann on the information services desk at Martin Library. You can check out those directories at the library and at the Heritage Trust, both downtown; feel free to call the library at 717-846-5300, ext. 6927, as well, and they might be able to help with specific questions such as these!

(Updated to add: Jim McClure has a great post here on how to use these directories. I saved that some time ago and just found it now!)

4. My mother, who was born in 1920, used to talk about going swimming at a place in the “Pigeon Hills” when she was young. I cannot remember what the name of the place was and, unfortunately, she not around to remind me. I would appreciate knowing something about this place.
– Jerri Bitner

Jerri, that area north of Hanover is a nice one, and I’ve heard about a swimming hole in that area, I think, though I can’t find any reference to it at all! You can read more about the area’s history – including how it got its name – on Jim McClure’s York Town Square blog, but to get a name of a swimming spot there, I turn to our readers; any ideas for Jerri?

5. Not too long ago I was visited in the office by a reader, Bill Hartman, who wondered if I’d ever heard any more on the question previously asked by Erma Dettinger about Boeckel’s Landing along the river. Bill’s family rented a bungalow down near Muddy Creek and rented boats from Paul, one of the set of three brothers who lived in the area and made money through such rentals.

I did share some Boeckel’s Landing memories here, and since that time, I also heard from James F. “Jimmy” Boeckel Jr., who wrote, “Just visited with aunt Erma Dettinger … and she showed me the article of Boeckel’s Landing. I am the grandson of Joseph Boeckel, and son of James F. Boeckel Sr. I visited the area where Boeckel’s Landing once was just to remember the day. That was the good old days.”

I’m glad to hear that Erma and the rest of the Boeckel family are still in the area, and that there are still good memories of that spot coming forth. Please feel free to share yours!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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