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Ask Joan: New old restaurants edition

Two fine bear dining companions enjoyed their lunch at the new Marco’s Pizza on Carlisle Road in West York in January 2018. (So did Only in York County author Joan Concilio and her fiance, Dan Herman!)

I recently had the privilege of eating at the new home of Marco’s Pizza on Carlisle Road in the West York area – also known as the former home of Alexander’s. I’ve always loved eating at Marco’s at their former White Street location, and I grew up going to Alexander’s with my parents after church most Sundays. (Soup of the day: Chicken Supreme. Every Sunday. I’m still not sure what the “supremeness” was.) So bringing those two things together was a lot of fun for me.

The new Marco’s is great, too. Lots more seating and same great food, plus the space looks amazing. You should definitely check it out. And in its honor, I figured today would be a good time to share some food-themed questions and memories!

What’s inside

1. Seeking info on East King eatery
2. More memories of Pappy’s Pizza
3. What was Cottage Place restaurant?
4. Ritz Ice Cream in Freysville
5. Forest Ice Cream and Jolly Cow

1. What was King Street eatery?

Reader Steve Hanna wants to know the name of a breakfast and lunch counter that used to be on the first block of East King Street, he believes at 27 E. King St.

I know of a few downtown cafeterias, like Les’s and the Golden Glow, but neither of those were at that location; Les’s was on Cherry Lane, and the Golden Glow was on North George Street.

Then there was the YMCA cafeteria on East Market Street. But… none of those help Steve, so maybe someone can suggest another idea?

(Also: reader Carolyn Caplinger was wondering, “Was there ever a restaurant on East Market St across from the old courthouse in downtown York?” The YMCA Cafeteria was at 100 E. Market, so not directly across, but maybe that’s close? Or was there something else there?)

2. Recalling Pappy’s Pizza

This is a 1975 menu from Pappy’s, a pizza shop in the Leader Heights area of York Township. The location later became Mr. Bill’s Quarterdeck.

We’ve talked frequently in the past about the Pappy’s Pizza chain of restaurants.

Mostly we’ve talked about their former locations in York County, but I had a fun note from reader Steven who recalled one elsewhere. “We had a Pappy’s Pizza in Colonie, NY,” he wrote. “It was the same chain as mentioned… I had a birthday party there when I turned 8. It was 1976. The location is now a famous area restaurant, Grandma’s Pie Shop, 1273 Central Avenue, Colonie, NY, 12205. This Pappy’s pizza had the same logo, with the straw hat guy, etc.”

And similarly, reader Charles “Chuck” Roseberry wrote, “I used to work at Pappy’s Pizza Restaurant in the Exton Square Mall. Pappy’s Pizza was a restaurant chain based out of Newark, Delaware… the territory ran from Ohio to Delaware and Allentown to Maryland. The chain was owned by a man and his two sons; one of the son’s names was Mark Balick. Some of the restaurants were franchises; I think there are two that still operate in western PA. Sadly the one in Newark, DE, closed recently due to competition from Seasons Pizza and Wings and the Grotto Pizza chains. It was a good family pizza restaurant that offered a variety of menu items including pizza, steaks, salads and pastas. They were created the same time Bob Farrell created Farrell’s ice cream restaurant, which promised to sing to every child who came into celebrate their birthday at the restaurant. Sadly most of the Farrell’s restaurants were bought out and made into other restaurants, but recently I saw a video by Bob Farrell about customer service called ‘Give ‘Em the Pickle.'”

Believe it or not, I’m actually familiar with that video; it’s a customer-service/management strategy I learned about in another job, and you can read all about it at

Finally about Pappy’s, reader Pete Brady noted that, as Chuck said, there is at least one Pappy’s in business now in Johnstown, PA. In York, Pete said, one Pappy’s was next to Roll R Way when it was on East Market St., where the Wendy’s is now. “After Pappy’s left, it was an Arby’s for a short time, then Wendy’s,” he noted, adding that this location as well as the one in Leader Heights were in business at the same time for a good while in the early 1980s.

3. What was Cottage Place restaurant?

Reader Sally Beck said she is trying to remember a restaurant off South George St to the west in York. “I believe you turned right on Cottage Place… Had a dance club that I went to 1973 or ’74.”

Any ideas on this for Sally? I feel like I was actually just talking about this place, but I can’t “place” it!

4. Ritz Ice Cream in Freysville

Moving out of the city, I have a question from Nancy Katz, who wanted to know if anyone could share information on the former Ritz Ice Cream Store in Freysville, more toward southern York County.

I’d love any information!

5. Forest Ice Cream and Jolly Cow

To conclude today’s food stories, I have a note from longtime reader and commenter Bill Landes, regarding a West York-area business. He writes, “The Jolly Cow (owned by Wayne Davis, who later had the Dairy Freeze on Richland Avenute) followed my dad’s Forest Ice Cream on the corner of West Market and Forest Street in West York. The Jolly Cow would have been there late ’50s and ’60s, then became a Friendly’s, among other restaurants. Forest Ice Cream would have been there in the early ’50s.”

Since we started with a new West York restaurant, this seemed like a good note to end on! Thank you all for sharing these great thoughts of our eateries of the past.

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