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Ask Joan: Butcher bologna edition

The end of July is here – WOW! Today, I’m rounding up some Ask Joan questions on topics from parks to bologna to restaurants!

What’s inside

1. Where was former Highland Park?
2. Having Twin Pines bologna shipped
3. Seeking info about Naples Cafe

1. We see a lot of old post cards from York that are of Highland Park York PA where was or what was this place?
– Cathy

I shared with Cathy that Highland Park was in West Manchester Township (near the “Dogtown” neighborhood – if you’re familiar with the area, it is now mostly covered by a large stone quarry) – and it was first a trolley station and then a large amusement park. You can see some photos of it and a little more info on Jim McClure’s York Town Square blog here.

Well, talk about funny coincidences, Cathy wrote back: “What is so strange is I grew up in Dogtown right in the center of it, and I never knew. Thank you so much, you cleared up a lot for me!”

Glad to help!

2. I lived in York County from birth (1964) until after I was married (1987). I was back there a few years ago for a niece’s wedding and they served Twin Pines Sweet Butcher Bologna that I remember so well from childhood. I now live on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi (you might remember Hurricane Katrina, that happened in my back yard). I would love to be able to order this online and have it sent to me. I have since ordered some Lebanon Bologna and I am trying to introduce people down here to things I grew up with. I have made Scrapple for a few of them as well and I have an order of that coming to me as well.
– Barbara Donald

I told Barbara I would see what I could find out – and was planning to call Twin Pines and see if they had any suggestions – but she beat me to it!

That said, I get this question often, believe it or not, so I am sharing her findings in the hope of helping others! She said, “I was able to contact Twin Pines directly and got this response, so feel free to share with others.”

Twin Pines told Barbara, “While we do have a website we never got the ordering online completed yet. But if you call our butcher shop at 717-428-1873 and ask for Neta, she will take your information and get an order on the way.”

Excellent! Happy butcher bologna shipping!

3. Do you know anything concerning a Naples Cafe located at 124 E. College Avenue in York Pa? I have a glass stirrer with a 59325 phone number.
– Dave Berger

I would love to have any memories or info on the Naples Cafe to share with Dave; please do share if you have some!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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