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Jacks clothing store was on the bottom floor of The National House building at Beaver and Market streets in York, where the Holy Hound is now. This pen-and-ink drawing was made by Jane Black, a former Jacks employee.

Ask Joan: Hickey’s drive-in and some name questions

With the arrival of better weather (recent rains notwithstanding), it seems like my inbox has also “sprung” with more information. Today, I’d like to follow up on the name of a drive-in restaurant, and then share a couple of new questions that could use your help!

What’s inside

1. Name of East Market Street drive-in
2. Who was owner of Jack’s store?
3. And who was H.H. Haugh?

1. Name of East Market Street drive-in

Back in March, reader Linda Lehman wrote to ask about the name of a drive-in eatery on East Market Street in Springettsbury Township, around where Dairy Queen and Rita’s are now.

I heard from many readers about that, and the overwhelming answer was that this was Hickey’s. Reader Brenda Neff posted the question in the Yorkshire Memories Facebook group, and many there knew it.

“Yorkshire is the housing development behind the present day Dairy Queen and Rita’s. It’s where I grew up,” Brenda wrote. “A childhood neighbor, Kathie Hoffer, started this Facebook group. It’s so much fun to reminisce with this group.” Group members also thought it later became an OK Corral, and one suggested there may have been a food-and-fuel service station named Lefty’s in the area.

Reader Brenda Raffensburger suggested Hickey’s as well, adding, “As a young couple we visited the drive-in usually when my now-husband was taking me back to college. Married 50 years but still remember the good times at Hickey’s.” Brenda, I’m so glad – and congratulations on that milestone marriage!

John McCall wrote, “There was a restaurant on East Market Street where Dairy Queen and the mattress store is that was called Hickey’s. There was also a restaurant/bar where Jiffy Lube sits that had several names. When it burned down I think it was called Beefsteak Charlie’s. Where Nefra is was a burger joint called Burger Chef.”

And Steve Bancroft went back a little farther in time, noting, “Rita’s and the pizza shop are in what was originally a gas station that was there at least as early as the 1960s, and Dairy Queen is built on the site of a small cape cod that a high school friend lived in, Sam Freed, who became a successful actor on TV and the stage, well known to York Little Theater alumni. He was in the TV show Kate and Allie. His house was one of the original Yorkshire houses built in probably the late 1940s or early ’50s.”

Many thanks to these folks as well as many others who wrote to suggest Hickey’s as the answer to Linda’s question!

2. Who was owner of Jacks store?

Helen Sherman wrote recently to me with a good question. She says, “I work at Martin Library and we have someone interested in knowing who the owner of Jack’s clothing store was. By any chance would you know who the owner to the store was?”

Interestingly, I don’t even know if the store was owned by a person named Jack something-or-other, or something-or-other Jacks, or something totally unrelated, because in every rendering I’ve ever seen, the store is spelled not Jack’s but Jacks.

So, any information from our intrepid readers would be very helpful!

Reader Lorie Redding had shared this image of some receipts from former York County businesses in 2015. One of today’s Ask Joan questions refers to the H.H. Haugh store seen here.

3. And who was H.H. Haugh?

Speaking of names, reader Margaret Horn also wrote in the past few weeks. She said, “I recently came across an article of yours with photos of old store receipts; one was H.H. Haugh. I was wondering if you know what the H.H. stands for?”

H.H. Haugh was described as “Dealers in new and used furniture, heaters and ranges, 26-28 S. Pershing Ave., York, PA, phone 45487” as of a 1947 receipt by reader Lorie Redding, who had shared that receipt originally.

Margaret, unfortunately I do not know more details, but again am hoping a reader will. Even in some very old newspaper articles I found, Mr. Haugh is just referred to as part of “Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Haugh” when it was noted that the couple attended a wedding. So we may be adding some good data to the historical record if we can figure it out!

Have questions or memories to share? Email me at or write to Ask Joan, York Daily Record/Sunday News, 1891 Loucks Road, York PA 17408. We cannot accept any phone calls with questions or information.

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