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Ask Joan: Good Neighbors edition

If you haven’t already, one of the many local blogs I’d encourage you to check out is Good Neighbors. It’s managed by Rose Hayes (who you might also know as an amazing source of info on pets) and talks about how you can help, right here in York County, whether by sharing your time, your knowledge, some items in need or more.

I feel like there are so many readers of THIS blog who truly love York County, that surely many of you will be able to help in some way? :)

What’s inside

1. Home of an insurance agent
2. Voting for Best of York
3. Princess Street crab cake memories

1. my husband and I are having another “memory” debate. At 70 plus years of age this happens more often than not. Our latest disagreement is where the original Roy L. Geesey, Ins. Agent’s home was located. Not the business, the homestead. So far we have Queen St., George St. and Windsor Rd.
– Beverly

I told Beverly that I sure didn’t know this one – I bet my dad would have, if he were alive, as he spent many years working in both insurance and real estate in York County! But I also told her I’m sure someone reading would know, and I hope you’ll help if so.

And, as an aside – Chris and I have these “memory” debates already, and we’re 29 and 41… so, you know, don’t feel too bad, Beverly!

2. Where @ do I vote for Best of York County – can’t find where to click?
– Arlene Gruver

I was happy to help Arlene with this! If you’re interested in voting for various businesses in the Best of York County contest run by the MediaOnePA advertising and marketing departments, just go to But hurry; voting ends Friday, April 20!

3. Does anyone remember getting crab cakes from a place on W. Princess St. that I believe was called Riegert’s or something like that?
– Terry Parr

How about it, any ideas about crab cakes for Terry? Would love to help – and to hear more about where, exactly, and when this business was around!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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