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Ask Joan: End of my vacation edition

Last week’s time off was amazing. And productive! my husband and I blogged, got some things done around the house, made some extra money, worked on our debt-payoff budget, bought a new home computer, watched the world’s most terrible movie and, oh yeah, had some fun, too! Now I’m back and ready to take on another week of work.

What’s inside

1. Another Pine Tree Inn memory
2. Question about a Hanover murder
3. Where to have things shredded

1. Memories of the Pine Tree Inn, back from one of the first editions of Ask Joan, continue to roll in.

One note I got recently is from Mae Bolton Tracy of Manheim Township, who writes, “I too remember the restaurant as elegant. In 1945 June, my husband and I were married 5 years. His aunt gave us $5 to go out to eat. My husband was home on leave for a few days from the U.S. Navy. We had a nice dinner at Pine Tree Inn with it only costing us $5. … In June we would have been married 71 years. My husband is now deceased.”

Mae, I was so glad to get your letter and hear about your wonderful fifth anniversary. My husband and I are nearing our seventh anniversary and, well, we’d love to get a $5 dinner, but moreso we’d love to someday come close to 60 or 70 years together!

2. In Hanover during the 70’s, a teenaged girl went to the store (Barnharts on Baltimore St.) and never returned. They found her body in a field nearby a day or so later. Do you know any of the particulars?
– Donna Smith

This was a question that had been languishing in my inbox for some time, due to lack of info. I talked with some friends at the Evening Sun in Hanover, and all we were able to come up with is that we believe the deceased young woman’s first name to be Holly.

I had high hopes when I picked up a copy of “Murder & Mayhem in York County,” a recent work by Joseph David Cress of the Carlisle Sentinel, but alas, it doesn’t include anything as recent as that.

Penn Township police would be my next stop, and we could file a right-to-know records request, except we’d need at least the girl’s full name, or perhaps an exact date, to be able to find such a file.

So that is where our Ask Joan readers come in. Does anyone remember any other details from this case that would at least give us some directions in which to search? I’d like to be able to get more info to Donna.

3. Do you know of any shredding events which will be held in York County in the next few months?
– Harlene Weiss

While it’s not free, Goodwill in York offers shredding where you drop it off at the Roosevelt Avenue store for a modest fee (read more here).

I’m not sure of any others immediately, but I’ll keep an eye out and, if anyone reading knows of any, please do keep me posted; I’ll share in a future column. Hopefully the Goodwill option will work out for you, Harlene!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, so it might take me a while, but I hope to be able to answer as many as possible!

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