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Tracey Stoppard is wondering if this building on Old York Road in Carroll Township, northern York County, was formerly an apple-processing plant of some kind.

Ask Joan: Apple processing plant, Kohler School and more

This week’s column is a good procrastination exercise, helping me avoid the holiday decorating that I should really be undertaking this weekend. It will certainly get done eventually, just as I will (someday) catch up on all the Ask Joan mail I’ve received. Everything in time, right?

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What’s inside

1. Does anyone remember apple plant?
2. Memories of Kohler one-room school
3. Stony Brook Elementary memories sought
4. Looking for Hively Park photos

1. Does anyone remember apple plant?

This week’s first question comes from one of my closest friends and fellow Dover High graduate Tracey Stoppard. We were talking recently about something she thinks she remembers, but that no one else can place, which longtime readers will know is something of a specialty of this column.

The place she’s recalling is on Old York Road near Old Orchard Road and Penza Court in Carroll Township, northern York County. Based on what I can figure out, the address looks like 2180 Old York Road. It most recently has been home to Independence Antique Brick Co., though I’m not sure if that company is still in business or not.

Tracey, though, remembers it as something different. She told me, “I swear it was an orchard or a processing plant of some kind? I feel like Gram and Pap took me there and we could walk through and get fresh-pressed apple juice and cider. And Pap died in 1985 so it would have been close to then because he died two days before I turned 5.”

She shared pictures of the building, and I found a Google Maps street-view image, which may help jog memories.

Records I found show that the building may only have been constructed in the late 1970s, so it’s likely that, if it was some kind of apple-processing facility, that may have been its first use. My spider sense says that since it’s near the intersection with Old Orchard Road, there having been an orchard and plant there would be a good possibility.

Tracey and I would love to know for sure, though, so any confirmation or details would be welcomed!

2. Memories of Kohler one-room school

When I shared Betty J. Massa’s notes about growing up in the Dallastown area, one thing she mentioned was a one-room schoolhouse on the edge of what is now South Pleasant Avenue, which was Kohler’s school.

Reader Gloria Herbst Henry wrote to me after reading that, “You brought back my yesterdays when I was young. My brother met his wife in that Kohler one-room school. They are married 65 years. Keep reminding us of those good old days. I am 87 years young now. Thank you from all of us from Dallastown.”

Gloria described herself as “the farm girl who helped to milk the cows before walking a mile across the fields to the one-room school.” She concluded, “We enjoyed the apples on the Brant orchards’ trees, one at a time.”

Gloria, I am so glad you wrote, and thrilled to hear how important the Kohler school is to your family’s story.

3. Stony Brook Elementary memories sought

Continuing down the path of local schools, I have a note from Melvin Blouse, who wrote, “I really enjoy your photos and history of one-room schools in York County and have seen many over the years. The one I have not seen is the Stony Brook elementary school, which was located on Locust Grove Road. I attended that school from 1950 until 1953 and would love to hear from anyone who may have pictures or stories from the school during that period of time or any other time.”

Melvin, I’d love to be able to share such information as well! I do hope those of you reading who know about Stony Brook will write. One of my other close friends lived on Locust Grove Road for several years and I know that area well.

4. Looking for Hively Park photos

I also heard from Jim Weaver a while ago. Jim wrote that he and a friend are looking for pictures of Hively Park in Pleasureville. “Across the street from the old elementary school,” he described. “Every Memorial Day they would have a bean soup sale.” He is looking for pictures or any other information, which I’d be glad to share!

Have questions or memories to share? Email me at or write to Ask Joan, York Daily Record/Sunday News, 1891 Loucks Road, York PA 17408. We cannot accept any phone calls with questions or information.

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