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Another local eatery reunion possible

A long time ago, I was talking about the presence of Ponderosa in York. Recently, I heard from a reader who worked there, and who’d like to get together with former coworkers, much like I mentioned last week when we were talking about a possible Gino’s reunion.

Jonathan Barto writes, about Ponderosa, “There was 2 locations in York, one out on Route 30 and another out on Queen Street. If any past employees read this please contact me, want to maybe get together and catch up on old times. All PA Poderosas closed by the end of 2005. So sad! Good place!”

You can reach Jonathan at, and, much like I mentioned with Gino’s, if anything comes of such a reunion, please keep me posted – I’d love to think I maybe helped bring that together!

Any other former “Ponderosans” out there?

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